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Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats


  1. Eliminates framing, sheathing, wrap, siding, paint, and drywall, and their associated labor costs.
  2. Concrete Building System purchased directly from precaster eliminates middle men markups.
  3. Wall cavity can be filled with onsite dirt, sand, whatever and or filled with polyiso insulation on either face and reinforced structural concrete.
  4. Fireproof, especially with a post tensioned concrete elevated slab.
  5. Flood proof as far as structure not being damaged. Can be cleaned and put back into service.
  6. Easily engineered for tornado safety. The forces generated by positive and negative pressures of intense wind would not exceed pressures of filling with concrete.
  7. Wall provides enclosure and mounting for myriad applications
  8. Alternative for costly code revision compliance.
  9. Most efficient use of concrete for durability of Wall faces.
  10. Wider wall footprint with less concrete makes greater structural stiffness (moment of inertia like scaffolding)
  11. Elegant, timeless, maintenance free, cut stone aesthetic.
  12. Walls naturally conduct radiant floor heat for larger infrared emitter area and cozier interior.
  13. Equivalent warmth from radiant source 4 degrees warmer than convected.
  14. Comfortable and profound sense of well being reported by occupants.
  15. Ideal for larger rooms with simple non structural partitions.
  16. Simple forming of spandrel beams (bond beams) for increased elevated slab stiffness and thinner slabs.
  17. Minimal concrete decreases portland cement usage and carbon footprint.
  18. Long return on investment.
  19. On bigger projects enclosed onsite precasting reduces transportation.
  20. Lego like simplicity for design and assembly.
  21. Concrete globally available, empowers unskilled labor.
  22. Superior materials use increases appraised value over cost of construction, more owner equity at inception
  23. Stay in place concrete form, eliminates forming and bracing expense
  24. Most demanding structural application is resisting pumped in concrete fill to determine wall panel capability with test pour
  25. System amenable for advancement into archways, other custom shapes
  26. Helix micro rebar steel reinforcement in concrete mix provides simple, effective panel strengthening.
  27. Ductility provided by embedded expanded steels and spline joinery can dampen earthquake forces for enhanced survivability
  28. Successfully used on Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada, under maximum earthquake design code requirements (equivalent to California building codes) for four houses
  29. Electrical boxes cast into panels eliminating installation steps
  30. Access doors cast with panels provide "cavity" access mainly for plumbing installations or special applications
  31. Fire and homeowner's insurance can be reduced or eliminated.
  32. Easy for newcomers to immediately be productive.
  33. Ultra violet resistant wall panel never needs painting or additional protection.
  34. Artistry with penetrating acid stains can create stunning surface aesthetics.
  35. Comparative low volume of concrete economically facilitates integral pigments and dyes for colored concrete.
  36. Precasting and assembly is a fun social occasion where participants feel profound sense of accomplishment.
  37. .Can be used as open planter walls to contain soil for plants and microbial root action to clean gray and black water attached to and contiguous with structure for enhanced sanitation alternatives

  38. Superior to icf systems as fragile insulation is in the wall cavity, durable concrete is the finished wall face.
  39. Filled molds can be placed tightly together on carts and carts rolled together for compact storing.


  1. Experienced builders may be reluctant to change what works for themselves.
  2. Requires vigilant quality control in mold fabrication and assembly for precision consistency.
  3. Needs care in environment, mix design, admixtures and batching for quality concrete mix.
  4. Precasting and initial curing requires controlled inside environment for consistency in panel strengths in order to not require extra portland cement usage
  5. ICC (International Code Council) testing may be required to determine capabilities of system separate from the addition of cast in place concrete.
  6. Currently a one man push to get implemented into industry, need to recruit executive management team.
  7. Unproven on large scale, yet experience increases speed and efficiency.
  8. CBS needs "early adopters" for initial customer base and innovative building contractors possible through the use of a social media talent.
  9. Prolonged exposure to direct sun is harmful to pvc molds.
  10. Local products, especially mold release, pea gravel, sand, and cement should be tested for satisfactory performance.
  11. Expanded steel cutting required, can only be sheared in short direction (4'strips) to eliminate problem of the curve length wise in sheets.
  12. System "foreign" to regular builders, mostly suited to concrete contractors.
  13. Requires superior timing, coordination, and planning as plumbing and electrical are best installed as the wall goes up.
  14. Building jurisdictions and inspectors may balk at innovation
  15. Bold innovative visionary people required
  16. Larger molds require prudent handling, checks for precision in straightness


  1. Concrete contractors working in tandem with general contractors
  2. Formation of regulatory body and experience base to assist in details of best practices.
  3. Panel components in broad use and high demand could become a tradeable global "commodity".
  4. Great opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop all capabilities of system.
  5. Adoption by governments to facilitate quality housing for citizens.
  6. Green building with indigenous materials for cavity fill
  7. "Rocket stove" can easily and effectively be installed within wall cavity. Plenty of mass to absorb, store, and emit heat.
  8. Privacy, soundproofing, safety, and economy for multi-family construction. Ideal common barrier wall.
  9. Safer loans for banks as materials are weather and fire proof. No vulnerability during construction.
  10. Increased profits for insurance companies. Claim exposure reduced.
  11. High customer satisfaction
  12. Rapid expansion with early success
  13. Auxiliary business development as door and window manufacture, trucking, designers, support personnel and ready mix concrete all contribute.
  14. Two years with 10 million in sales and good profit for public stock offering
  15. Town and city rebuilding after devastations
  16. Profit from operation can subsidize non profit housing to bring "bottom" up, quality housing for all
  17. More cement usage can utilize solar furnaces as receivers of solar energy to reduce and eliminate carbon footprint
  18. A "common denominator" for construction with global application brings people and cultures into harmony. More opportunity, less overhead, less survival stress.
  19. System efficiency in materials and manual productivity shields human work from robotic takeover.


  1. Superior innovation out of the blue may diminish human value.
  2. "Concrete printing" although equipment handling concrete is notoriously difficult to maintain.
  3. Greed and incompetence seeking quick buck may undermine system integrity.
  4. Poorly supervised crews doing shoddy and dangerous work.
  5. An intrusive rerouting of the construction behemoth.
  6. A poor batch of concrete affecting strength and form pressure endurance
  7. Unsatisfactory care of molds causing panel anomalies.
  8. Departure of key people and loss of oversight.
  9. Unmanaged climatic conditions affecting concrete strength.
  10. Large company usurping idea and opportunity
  11. Patent has expired, yet could be re issued for molding method instead of system attributes.

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