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  1. Ideal wall system of architectural concrete wall faces, internal embedded insulation, and preformed columns and beams for cast in place structural concrete. Synergetic ductile energy damping, enhanced survivability
  2. Concrete wall faces, concrete compressive strength of 5,000 psi for coastal exposure cheaper to achieve because of less concrete
  3. Minimal amount of concrete (15 pounds per square foot)
  4. State of art mini rebar (Helix fiber) reinforcement addition to concrete mix
  5. Continuous cavity wall
    1. Bulk fillable (onsite soil) for increased strength, thermal mass, insulation
    2. Stay in place form for cast in place supplemental structural concrete
    3. Insulate exterior wall face
    4. Simply partition spaces
    5. Conduit runs
    6. Air ducts without expensive sheet metal work
    7. Evaporative cooling
    8. Panels with access doors
    9. Perfect for below ground, residential, commercial, and high rise construction
    10. Most prevalent panel (24" x 16") weighs 40 pounds, a weight that has proven to be easily manageable
    11. Utilize attachment grid to instantly form concrete columns
    12. Automatically facilitates spandrel beam forming to enhance elevated concrete slab stiffness, decrease thickness
    13. Insulation. A very effective insulation can be poured into wall cavities consisting of cellular concrete with an equal volume of "regrind" recycled styrofoam beads. One sack of portland cement (94 pounds) plus 47 pounds of water (0.5 water/cement ratio), and the styrofoam makes 11 cubic feet of insulation.

    High rise construction innovation

    Reinforced concrete columns and post tensioned slabs, the usual structural components, can now be formed more efficiently. Columns are formed by the wall system. Simply dropping a strip of OSB the width of the wall cavity is braced by overlapped and welded expanded steels. The steel is on uniform 12" centers. Columns of greater stiffness using less concrete are easily formed. Cross sections of "+", "L", and "T" can be formed at wall intersections. These can also free up more interior square footage for larger living or working areas.

    With CBS the construction process of forming columns and then attaching walls can be reversed by building walls first and then pouring the columns. Forming lumber and labor is eliminated. A finished product is reached more quickly. Wall attachment mechanisms and labor can be eliminated.


    Include elegant cut stone wall features and get value of stay in place forming for cast in place structural concrete. Increase client satisfaction.

    As climate change accelerates greater demand is placed on residential survivability. Concrete exterior and interior along with cast in place reinforced concrete is a good option. Passive solar, greenhousing, huge thermal mass, and radiant walls bring "homestead" closer.

    Precast Concrete plants

    The more information and precision put into a mold, and then into cast concrete, the more value is created. Produce any daily volume of product to accumulate inventory for delivery to job sites. Easy material handling. Employing decorative techniques to panel surfaces can greatly increase profit. The world is wide open for expansion.

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    Concrete Contractors

    You build the launch pad for projects, now build the rocket too. Profit from your skill at precision flatwork. CBS is optimized for post tensioned elevated slabs. Take construction to its most efficient materials usage. Concrete all the way!

    Elevated slabs can be formed using wall panels facing down. Building Code requires a two inch cover below post tensioning tendons for fire protection. Panels used in this way provide that. Also, the embedded expanded steel protruding upwards provide fastening points to mount tendons at their correct profile. Panels sit on top of the wall to the edge of the cavity. TJIs may be used in shorter lengths for lighter weight support. After the pour the supports are simply removed and temporary shores for slab support installed. Post tensioning with perimeter spandrel beams allows the thinnest slab. Light cans and anything else can be part of the panels for easy conduit connections.

    The row of panels at the elevation of supporting slab forming can have threaded inserts mounted into the mold before pouring. Panels are vibrated in regular fashion. The vertical structural ribs of the panels are on 12" centers in alignment with the expanded steels. Each insert need only carry 1/4 of the slab weight per foot. The scaffold support takes 1/4 of the weight on each side. After pouring, the scaffold jack screws are lowered, the bolts into the threaded fasteners loosened, and the tji's are easily removed for reuse. The inserts can be used to bolt a piece (for example) of 1/8" x 2,3, or 4" bar steel or other metal for wall trim and greatly increased tensile strength to the top row of panels. All the panels would become integral with that steel "beam".

    Home Builders

    Vastly upgrade your construction to maintenance free fire proof homes. Expand "green" features, mitigate extremes of climate change. Increase profits with low cost high value innovation. Do multi family with sound proof fire proof partitions.

    Home Buyers

    Enjoy security and value. Occupants report enhanced "coziness and comfort". The sensation of solidity permeates one. More mass is more protection from radiation. Self sufficiency is facilitated better than ever.


    A wide open opportunity to be an early adopter of superior building technology. Incorporate green innovations into wall cavity. Expand into exterior hardscapes for water treatment and vertical gardening. Lead the way to a new era of global renewal.

    Non Profits

    Any for profit undertaking should have ability to fund a non profit for housing the under privileged. There is a profound need to make the world a kinder place and narrow the gap between the "haves" and "have nots". Humankind needs a unifying goal or vision. We have the capability to adequately house everyone and eliminate desperation. Being each other's keeper can become our common denominator. Those rich enough in being can honor the Ojibway Indian motto of "A poor man shames us all".


    Loans on structures that don't deteriorate and lose value over the long haul are more feasible. Longer term loans for greater initial value make superior features more affordable. Construction loans that don't have the vulnerability of wood products decaying with exposure offer greater security. Housing that appreciates in value with impending inflation and without major maintenance along the way is win win for all. Decreased loan to value ratios enhance lending viability.

    Standard loans in flood plains and forested areas can open up more real estate for development.

    Insurance Companies

    Proven vulnerabilities to fire, flood, hurricane, and tornado of stick construction are easily eliminated with concrete construction. Advances in concrete fiber reinforcement can make concrete tougher than ever. Greatly decreased exposure to insurance claims may increase insurance profits and reduce premiums for homeowners. Underwriters may greatly support concrete.

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